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2 x Travel Candles bespoke collection


2 glass travel candles in your choice of fragrance’s. The perfect, customised gift for a loved one or yourself.

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Product Description

Our travel candles give you 10 hours of burn time each and are ideal to take with you wherever you may go.

Our  2 – travel candles collection comes with 2 x 100ml glass travel candles. Choose which which two fragrances you’d like in this gift set tailored to you. Whether you would like one fragrance in 2 different spots around the room, or would prefer a different fragrance in each room, the choice is yours.

Choose from any one of our 9 scented candles. Read our mixologist’s notes to decide which are your favourites, or if you have a clear preference choose two of the same fragrance and fill your home with the smell you love.

All of our candles are hand poured and hand finished in the UK.

All of our scented candles are highly concentrated and contain pure essential oils, this gives your candle the best possible fragrance both when lit and from the cold throw that fills the air.

Our scented glass travel candles will look elegant and beautiful in your home. The glass is flawless and crystal clear in appearance; this clarity further enhances the richness of the opulent cream wax and also allows the light from the burning flames to radiate into the room.

We also include a candle lighting taper with every product to make lighting the wick simple and safe. Remember to remove all paper packaging before lighting your candle, including any trace of shred and the pretty little paper bow.

There’s nothing tricky to taking care of your candles. A few simple rules and a little common sense are all it takes to keep your candles looking lovely. Follow this link for Sophie Cole Candle Care and Burning instructions, which we highly recommend that you read and observe for your own safety and enjoyment.

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2 x 100ml