Boxed scented candles make the ideal birthday gift or anniversary present.
Sophie Cole scented candle containing essential oils of vanilla, coconut and chocolate.Sophie Cole scented candles presented in a beautiful box making them the ideal birthday present or wedding gift.Neopolitan_Ice_Cream_Sundaes_by_geurge

‘Sundae’ glass container candle


Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Coconut

Neapolitan ice cream with a cherry on the top

So many special memories are evoked from the smell of sweet smooth vanilla with its comforting milky softness. Awakened by the rich and robust aroma of melting chocolate and a subtle note of tropical coconut, all that is required are the rich ripe berry notes from fresh cherry to finish off this scrumptious smelling candle. So reflective of your favourite childhood desserts, you make find yourself in the ice-cream isle for the first time in years!

For those who love candles that remind them of their favourite dessert and the fun, precious childhood memories that are bought back to life.

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Sundae Vanilla and Chocolate scented candles

Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Coconut

Scrumptious favourite desserts

For those who love candles that remind them of their favourite dessert and the fun, precious childhood memories that are bought back to life.  

Our candles are hand poured and hand finished in the UK.

All of our scented candles are highly concentrated and contain pure essential oils, this gives your candle the best possible fragrance both when lit and from the cold throw that fills the air.

Our scented glass container candles are uniquely shaped to look elegant and beautiful in your home. Made by a renowned European glass manufacturer, our heat resistant tempered container candles are of the highest standard. The glass is flawless and crystal clear in appearance; this clarity further enhances the richness of the opulent cream wax and also allows the light from the burning flames to radiate into the room.

An added bonus is that once the candle has been burned, remove the excess wax, place in the dishwasher and you will then have a stunning tumbler to keep for future entertaining at home.

We also include a candle lighting taper with every product to make lighting the wick simple and safe. Remember to remove all paper packaging before lighting your candle, including any trace of shred and the pretty little paper bow.

There’s nothing tricky to taking care of your candles. A few simple rules and a little common sense are all it takes to keep your candles looking lovely. Follow this link for Sophie Cole Candle Care and Burning instructions, which we highly recommend that you read and observe for your own safety and enjoyment.

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