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Don’t miss out on delivery dates

Xmas is nearly here and if Black Friday is anything to go by online shopping has been bigger than ever this year. It’s not surprising when the cost of fuel, parking or transport is now almost as much as the delivery charges most purchases incur. One of the down sides however, is items not turning up in time for present giving, so we’ve found a helpful link to a summary of the last free, cheap and paid for delivery dates for the top 80 retailers in the UK.

three travel candle set       Royal-Mail-Parcel-Delivery1

Our gift ideas make perfect presents for friends and family – especially our tube tea light candles and out travel candle gift sets. All our candles are made with 10% concentration of oils so they don’t even need to be lit to fill your room with scent. That is perfect for people who either don’t like burning candles or can’t due to building restrictions. University students and hotel patrons are just some of the people who can benefit from our beautiful smells without the flame.

Our final delivery dates are Royal Mail second class which are shown below.

Royal Mail –   2nd class – 19th Dec

1st class – 21st Dec

For final delivery dates check out this link.

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Perfect presents that keep on going.

Its a sad fact that most candles get thrown away once the wax has been burnt.
Sophie Cole candles are all made in restaurant grade glass which means they are suitable for use in dishwashers. When your candle has been enjoyed, don’t through the glass away – remove the excess wax, put it in the dishwasher and you’ll have a lovely tumbler – you can even collect a complete set.
raunchy trave 600 image
All our candles come beautifully boxed with a book of matches or a taper which makes lighting the candle easy, right to the very bottom of the glass.

Our tall container candles are all hand made and can be cleaned and used as romantic tea light holders.
Tall-Container-Gold-683x1024                       2-hole-Christmas-Red-1024x683
And our tube tea light holders can take standard tea lights or the glass tea lights from the Sophie Cole range. You can even replace the fill to suit your mood or your decor.


What more could you ask of a candle – it isn’t gone when the wax burns down!

Shop now in our gifts department.

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Welcome to the world of Sophie Cole Candles


Well here we are at last and we are delighted to welcome you to our world of fragrance and colour that we hope will lift your mood and your spirit.

Our products have been in the planning stages for months. Moving from what was a creative passion, into a fully fledge business has been an amazing experience and we have all learnt so many lessons and acquired new skills along the way. Our family and friends have put up with endless questions, requests for opinions and demands to test each new development. Now we want to thank them all for their patience, support, understanding and honesty.  

Chose the size you want for the perfect birthday present or wedding gift.

When we first started our journey to create memories from scents, I don't think we really knew what we were getting ourselves into. From the very first concept meeting we knew we wanted to create something different to the plethora of home fragrance products already available.

We started, of course, by perfecting the fragrances. This was one of the most difficult tasks we've ever attempted. It reminded me of chemistry lessons at school, but these essential oils mixing sessions went on for days until we got the balance of each ingredient just right. We wanted to recreate scents that would trigger memories and feelings  - not just use tried and tested combinations. Its safe to say we now have a newfound respect for these powerful biotics that harness the very essence of nature.

Then we had to agree on the glass container. We wanted something more unique and beautiful than the standard straight walled glass used by many other products. We all loved the curves of the exquisite tumbler we eventually found, which is made from tempered glass designed to withstand the ultra high temperatures of industrial dishwashers. The glass is blown into shape and hence has no joints or seams and is perfectly clear.

We also wanted to name our products according to their purpose rather than their ingredients. Hopefully you will agree that each one of our nine launch fragrances evokes the feelings described by its name. Trust me, Reinvigorate really will make you feel wide awake!

And then there was the use of colour. We wanted our candles to create a rainbow of vibrancy that would enhance any room and become a talking point, not a dust collector. Even our wax is coloured to give it a rich creamy look and feel.

Attention to detail has been an essential part of our process and this continues right into your home. To ensure you can use your candle right to the bottom of the glass, every scent has been wick tested to burn clean leaving no wax residue on the sides. We even include a taper in every box to make lighting the candle as easy as possible. You no longer have to hold the glass up-side-down to try and light the receding wick.

And ultimately our candles are designed to be burned. The cold throw is great, but the fragrance created by the wide melt pool will fill your room in no time. Displayed on a glass mirror plate, with a sprinkling of petals and crystals they really will make a statement!

And if you love our candles, then why not try one of our bespoke, customisable gift sets or reed diffusers. We will tell you all about them in future posts.

In the meantime, thank you for joining us, enjoy your complimentary samples and welcome to our new and exciting world of Sophie Cole Candles.