Sophie Cole

Creating Memories with fragrance.

My earliest memories

One of my earliest memories is sitting at the dining table with my mum, scissors in one hand, glue stick in the other, surrounded by stacks of coloured card patiently waiting for the die cutting machine to metamorphosize it from the plain and ordinary into a beautiful, unique birthday card. Each one individual; each one personal.

These fun times ignited my creativity and stoked my passion for anything relating to the arts. Whether it be crafting, drawing, painting or photography, the medium has always been irrelevant, it is the process of taking the everyday, mundane raw materials and making them extraordinary, that still fills me with pride and continues to drives my thirst for learning and experimenting.

Part of my on-going journey of creative discovery was into the world of candle making.  As a student, money for gifts was always a little tight and my rationale was if I am making the cards, why don’t I make the gift too? Plus mum has always generously bought all our crafting supplies, so it was an extremely economical way of giving birthday presents and gifts to friends and family.


My love of candles 

I should say I love candles. I have hundreds of them. I have always marveled at the way candlelight has the ability to change your environment, instantaneously creating a completely different atmosphere and mood. I love to sit back, relax and watch the candle flame flicker, as it sways from side to side, casting its lone dance upon the wall, telling its own tale. And then there are the beautiful aromas that fill the room.  A scent can so easily evoke a memory of a different time, a person, a place. It just allows you to relax and unwind and immerse yourself in the present moment or escape into solitude.

I was amazed that by simply taking a few key scents or notes from my Pandora’s box of fragrances, I could recreate special moments and memories, for me to enjoy, time and time again. After many experiments I created my first fragranced candle, Duvet Day.  Remember the first day of the school holidays? You don’t have anything to do. Your mum has just changed your bedclothes with newly washed and ironed, cotton sheets.  Everyone is out but you. You know you shouldn’t but you go back into the bedroom and crawl beneath the cool, crisp duvet.  You snuggle up and snooze away the afternoon. It feels so decadent and naughty, but it’s sooo nice.

 Everyone knows that smell and the memory it evokes – so I called it Duvet Day. It proved pretty popular with my family and friends  and many of those that I had given a candle to as a present now wanted to new one to replace it.

The next scent I created was one I called Florida™. I didn't know but the word Florida originates from the Spanish for “flowery” and it is due to its abundance of beautiful flowers that the State of Florida gained its name.

Think of the wonderful family holidays abroad. It is the smell that hits you when you first walk out of the beachside hotel. The intense heat warming the sweet perfume of the vibrantly coloured tropical flowers that adorn the coastlines and the hillsides, all combined with the rich salty taste of the sea that hangs in the air.

Elegant glass container candles that look beautiful in your home. Scented candles containing essential oils from Sophie Cole CandlesI

In fact it taes me back to many tropical and Mediterranean holidays, but my memories of our family holidays in Florida, with its beautiful endless whites beaches, the rows of orange groves in blossom and of course WaltDisneyWorld, are still my favourite.

Shop Cole Candles is born

It was the popularity of these 2 scents, that really sparked the thought that there could be something more to this.

I had strived to create scents and smells that evoke memories precious to me. It is about the way that different fragrances work in harmony and come together to remind me of a something personal and special. Its how they take you back to a time or place that makes you happy and makes you smile.

It was not about just recreating popular, well known scents, but actually attaching a scent to a memory; a special time, a special place and special person. Of even using scent to create a new one.

It was from this premise that Sophie Cole Candles as a concept came about. I have been so excited about this as it is something new and different to what is currently on the market.

So Sophie Cole Candles was born. Brainstorming, something called "concept meetings", chemistry experiments with essential oils and fragrances and lots and lots of wick testing followed. What surfaced was an idea to bring a modern, fresh range of home fragrances with colour at their heart.

As well as the original Reminisce range which Duvet Day and Florida form part of, along with the team, we have also created a Rooms range and a Reenergise range.

The Rooms range scents are about creating and recreating the same memory. The memory you create is entirely at your discretion although the 3 candles in the range Romance,Raunchy and Relaxing my create memories you might choose to keep to yourself.

The latest range is called Re-energise . Many people, including myself, use candles to relax, but as I have said, I believe that candles and their scent create a mood and an atmosphere and creating energy is just as important as creating relaxation. These also work well as beautiful room reed diffusers.

I am now back in the lab starting on a Christmas range. Again I am working on bringing those such special Christmas memories alive. As usual there is a lot of trial and error, but we are getting there.

I hope you enjoy the Sophie Cole Candles Ranges as much as I have enjoyed bring them to you.

Love Sophie x

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