Mixologists Notes


Sophie Coles Signature scent and the first candle developed together as the new team at Sophie Cole Candles. 

Romance is complex and refined. It wears like a soft perfume and is a candle made for the most discerning candle lovers.

An intricate mix of deep sensual musks, is combined with sweet-spiced pink peppercorn and then added the high notes of the beautiful perfumed flowers of Neroli and Bergamot. Romance was specifically developed to enhance a romantic dinner setting or for use whilst entertaining. It will fill your room with a beautifully subtle aroma, unique and refined enough to be noticed, but light enough to not overpower your culinary experience. 

romance scented candle vanilla


Wrap yourself in a bouquet of flowers.

Do you like nothing better than to relax with a good book immersed in warm scented bubbles? Relaxing brings the spa into your bathroom. Allow the soothing lavender to calm your senses, to clear your mind and to help you unwind. When combined with healing properties chamomile and a touch of the cozy and warming odour of oriental amber, all that is left for you to do is lie back and soak away the days stresses.

This mellow scented candle is designed for those of us that need a moment of calm and tranquility after the craziness of day-to-day modern living.

relaxingscented candel chamomile


An exotic blend full of eastern promise. Almonds and Jasmin infused with ylang ylang in a base of oriental musk.

Bring a touch of spice into your bedroom.

There is nothing subtle about Raunchy. It is bursting with oriental spice and perfume. Not only are the perfumes of sweet Jasmine and the heavier, slightly fruity floral scent of Ylang Ylang known for their aphrodisiac properties, but it has also been purported that the smell of musk can act bring out amorous tendencies. The base of oriental musk brings a spicy depth to a fragrance bursting with scent. Almond rounds off this beautiful, alluring candle.

A candle for the daring, who love nothing more than to have sensual aromas filling their boudoir.



raunchy scented candle jasmin


revitalise scented candle lime basil mandarin



Bring in the sunshine and awaken your mind and sharpen your senses.

Bright & fluorescent, fresh & citrusy, these are the perfect descriptions for this sunshine cocktail of tangy lemon, fresh lime and refreshing orange. A dash of natural neroli adds a sweet flowery orange blossom scent and herby fresh basil balances its fizzy sorbet nose.

A candle for those who love to kick start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice. Whether it’s a glass of lemon water or freshly squeezed orange juice, body and mind stimulated, you are ready for the day ahead.

reinvigorating scented candle eucalyptus



Kick start your body, mind and spirit. Take a deep breath and experience a mojito of mints and warming eucalyptus.

Fresh, herbaceous peppermint and clean green spearmint are muddled together with refreshing eucalyptus creating an explosive cocktail of minty freshness that will awaken every sense from the first inhalation.

A powerful and high-octane candle. Designed for those who love an ice cold shower in the morning or an open lake swim after work. This candle is not for the faint hearted and is designed to give energy and clarity to both body and mind.

rejuvenate scented candle pomegranate



Rebalance your energy and your spirit. Lift your soul with feisty pink peppercorn calmed by subtle and sweet pomegranate and a hint of beautiful rose musk.

Rejuvenate is a pretty floral scent with a spicy accent. Just like the small unassuming rose bud that once bursts into life becoming a beautifully summer bloom, the soft rounded rose bouquet is heightened and bought alive by the addition of spicy, sweet pink peppercorn and ripe, voluptuous pomegranate. Its modern and contemporary and like no other rose scented candle you have smelt before.

This candle is for those who love country florals, with an edge.



Sunsets, beaches and tropical flowers. Recollect your favourite family holidays and recreate those special moments

Florida, meaning “flowery” in Spanish, is the prefect namesake for this vibrant and colourful scented candle.

Imagine being surrounded by an abundance of vibrantly coloured tropical flowers that adorn the coastlines and the surrounding countryside; it is the unforgettable scent that hits you when you first walk out of the beachside villa. Intense heat warms the tropical Frangipani and provides a fragrant sweet perfume. Patchouli adds a leafy freshness and Seasalt echoes the rich saltiness that hangs in the air. Lovingly combined together with a pinch of nostalgia, a perfect holiday memory is refreshed and relived.

This is candle is for those who love to fill their house with the intoxicating smell of sweet tropical flowers and experiencing the memories they recreate. 

florida scented candle patchouli


Neopolitan ice-cream with a cherry on top. Memories of the park, the beach and the ice-cream van. Childhood favourites of vanilla and chocolate are enhanced with a sprinkling of coconut and cherry

So many special memories are evoked from the smell of sweet smooth vanilla with its comforting milky softness. Awakened by the rich and robust aroma of melting chocolate and a subtle note of tropical coconut, all that is required are the rich ripe berry notes from cherry to finish off this scrumptious smelling candle. So reflective of your favourite childhood desserts, you make find yourself in the ice-cream isle for the first time in years!

For those who love candles that remind them of their favourite dessert and the fun, innocent childhood memories that it brings back.

Boxed scented candles make the ideal birthday gift or anniversary present.

Duvet Day

Sophie's favourite.

Snuggle up in beautiful fresh cotton sheets.

Relive the blissful feeling of waking up in crisp cotton with a hint of lavender and jasmine for added luxury.

Duvet Day is the clean cotton fresh smell that you experience when you get into a bed made with newly washed and ironed sheets. Duvet Day scented candle contains extracts of both Lavender and Jasmine, both of which are known to provide the same sense of wellbeing and calmness you experience as you slip beneath the cool, crisp clean cotton duvet. A hint of Lemon and Lime extract adds a subtle citrus freshness to the mix.

This candle is a favorite with everyone. It’s produces such a beautiful relaxing aroma, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing for bedtime.

duvet day scented candle jasmin