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Perfect presents that keep on going.

Its a sad fact that most candles get thrown away once the wax has been burnt.
Sophie Cole candles are all made in restaurant grade glass which means they are suitable for use in dishwashers. When your candle has been enjoyed, don’t through the glass away – remove the excess wax, put it in the dishwasher and you’ll have a lovely tumbler – you can even collect a complete set.
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All our candles come beautifully boxed with a book of matches or a taper which makes lighting the candle easy, right to the very bottom of the glass.

Our tall container candles are all hand made and can be cleaned and used as romantic tea light holders.
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And our tube tea light holders can take standard tea lights or the glass tea lights from the Sophie Cole range. You can even replace the fill to suit your mood or your decor.


What more could you ask of a candle – it isn’t gone when the wax burns down!

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